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woman president of the united states. and this week, after those hearings, the media began slobbering in earnest. and it will continue and it will ratchet up when she announces that she is running for president of the united states. it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it because these people, these journalists were born without the embarrassment gene. nothing embarrasses them about how they behave. >> alisyn: let us know what you would like to hear from the president if you were sitting down in an interview. i feeted that out what question would you ask? coming up on the show you are paying their way. should people be able to buy lottery tickets with that money? we report, you decide. >> she just got done telling a live audience how friendly they were when this happened. >> would you not eat my pants? [screams] [ laughter ] >> is that joan rivers? >> that is just so awesome. good morning america. when goats attack, coming up. the perils of reporting in the field. [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. fact is, wh
something. united kingdom still has violence there. what is the reason for all the violence? should would he be talking the video game industry like we did yesterday? >> i think it's worth considering. you would hope this conversation is driven by data. >> you often here the left accuse the right of ignoring social science on this question. does gun control reduce violence? i have never seen any evidence that it does. we ought to let the numbers guide our policy making decisions it it seems to me. >> we will see what happens on tuesday. very thought-provoking plan. obviously it will be coming out. headlines and see what else is happening. new overnight the flu outbreak. 47 states slammed with the virus. there is word that it may have peaked. some words that saw the earliest outbreaks are now reporting the number of cases going down. the season is not over yet. the big push to get the vaccine concerns over shortages remain today. >> you may have to call around to a place or two to get it a lot of the doctors who ordered vaccines or clinics who ordered vaccines did so and gave a lot out in the
some of the toughest gun laws in the united states. you can get arrested carrying a gun driving through the city and yet they lead the nation in violent crime. >> more murders again. the arrest they make are to your point with illegal guns they are finding. i lived in philadelphia mayor michael nutter against the issue of illegal guns which are the reason -- not the reason but the things that are being carried by individuals carried by these crimes. >> meanwhile, mayor rahm immanuel of chicago and the state lawmakers there are pushing for even stricter gun laws in light of the new town tragedy. obviously everybody wants to do something and take some sort of action after newtown. we can't let that ever happen again in this country. so one of the things they are suggest something a data base. very controversial this suggestion. a data base because right now they say that there is not a data base. if your gun is lost or stolen. there is is no trace of it. you don't have to report that to anybody. so, then, guns that are stolen, or even that are just sold. if you legally buy a gun and then
in the united states, a country with a second amendment. you can't ban this tfps not helping. it doesn't change anything. that was banning certain cosmetic features which is what the president wants to do again. there is absolutely no evidence at all that gun laws decrease crime and the reason is simple. the bad guys are already disregarding the laws. they know there are laws against robbery and know there is laws against murder. ownership of a gun is not going to stop them from doing anything. >> tucker: to keep this in perspective from so-called assault rifles, there are about 310 million people in this country. 2011 there were 330 deaths from rifles, and that includes suicide and hunting accidents. so they there are not a lot of crimes, murders being committed with rifles in general. tell me what an assault rifle is. >> well, it depends. now technically an assault rifle originally, the term refers to the military rifles, which are automatic which means you pull a trigger and a lot of bullets come out. now the guns that we are talking at b. at all here semiautomatic. automatic bans regulated
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)